Zatanna Fan Art by Huma Comics by ~ HumaComics

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DC Comics Superheroes Nails by ~ jeealee

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comics by ~ AXuriT

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For’s August Femme Fatale show. Jamie Hewlett’s work on tankgirl was a book that effected and inspired me art wise more than anything growing up..(well that and dangergirl) — but his tongue in cheek style of just having a good time and pushing things as far as they could go without taking himself too seriously seemed so badass. Plus his style is out of this world.

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Unnecessary? Cowering down here in sludge and pollution, conjuring names on screens, learning nothing: that is unnecessary. Give me smallest finger on man’s hand. I’ll produce information. Computer unnecessary. This face, all that’s necessary… all I need.   Posted via email from AvatarNemo’s Posterous

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