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‘Yes, it’s me once again. Remember me? I’m sure you do, for a lovely long time I was your shadow, the blood in your veins and the flesh you loved to tear apart. Because I was pain, pleasure and sorrow.

You missed me, I can tell. Do not fret, I am here, embracing your cold body with steel. You called me, so now hush and stay still. Dry your tears, no need to be all sad and sweet. You’re not the victim.

I will strangle your thoughts and ideas, you’re definitely not worth them. Not even those smiles you’re so proud to show, I’ll burn them! No more nights of sleep, believe me, they’re just a burden.

And from now on you shall follow the rules, baby girl, and then we’ll fall together in a bleeding whirl. That’s all you wish, I know.

Take my hand, allow me to guide you into an endless sleep-walking, into damaged veins. Lose control, lovely girl, let go of the reins. I’ll take over.

You’ve got nothing left, so give up on this empty mind, on such tired soul.

And now follow me. Follow the rules.’

self. (pentax k3 & broncolor Siros 800s)

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demons. by Senju-HiMe
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one life. by Senju-HiMe
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advena. by Senju-HiMe

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This is a painting I did for the latest Drawing Jam. It was done entirely in Photoshop CS5 on a 12″ Cintiq tablet from photo reference.

You can see the reference images and check out the jam here: [link]

Please stop by and add your take!

If you’d like to see my progress, here’s a process slider of this painting:

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Batgirl. for fun.

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And one more Black Cat from the New York Comic Convention, October 11-14, 2012, this time in standard garb!

Sketch drawn on 11 x 16 Canson Mi-Teint Paper with blue and HB Pencil, Pitt and
Copic Black pens, Copic Warm Grey Markers and White Prismacolor Pencil.

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Characters design:

real name: Kraven Krauss
nick name: Demiseman
species: Grim reaper
type: Thanatos
gender: male
main weapon: Fire shade
other weapon: katana & guns
occupation: Embassy of Death employee as the death savior division


real name: Gabrielle Nikolaievna
nick name: Lady Dead whisper
species: Grim Reaper
type: Keres
gender: female
main weapon: Night scythe
other weapon: none
occupation: human’s soul hunter, Necromancer & Summoner

yep, I draw them again XD it’s really fun to draw them and let me to know you, actually Kraven is Lady Dead’s foster brother. her father Lord Hades III adopted Kraven when he was a baby one year before Lady born. so they’re not sibling. she really want kill him to take Fire shade and Lord Hades’s eye of death on Kraven’s left eye (she have one on her right eye). if she have that eyes she could be a next Hades the master of land of the death or… make the death world and the living world unbalance.

next I’ll design for Embassy of Death employees OC’s !^^

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